Which style and decor suits you?

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Not knowing where to start to a whole new transformation

Are you planning to renovate your new or current home but you have no idea which type of style and decor you want to go for?
A lot of people struggle to find the type of colours and materials they want to use or incorporate into an existing decor, so we’re here to help you find some inspiration and give you practical tips and tricks to help you find which style and decor suits you best!

There are online sites and interior design blogs that will help you find practical tips and tricks on which style and decor suits you best. We say go for what you like and are comfortable with, this could be that you want to combine to styles such as tough and rugged industrial look with the cosiness and warmth of a country decor. Sometimes, two different styles might not work together, however there are ways you can make it work by changing a colour here and there or the use of accessories that will transform your home to your desired look. Get inspired and do it your own way!

The use of colours and materials.

In every style and decor the use of colours and materials are different. Natural colours and materials are more associated with brocade inspired decor whereas tough and raw colours and materials are associated with an industrial style. A wicker basket, smooth edged wooden dining table and fabric shades are all part of a country home style and decor, a modern decor is characterised by sleek and simple items and main colours are usually black and white whereas a vintage style takes up less of the sleekness and simplicity and more on authentic or old school items that are from particular periods.
So, as you can see there are differences in the use of colours, materials and accessories in which could complement and suit your home decor. The right combination can give you the “homely” feeling you desire!

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Styles and Decors

1, Modern decor

The basic formation of a modern inspired decor are sleekness, simplicity and sharpness, with base colours such as white, black and different shades of grey. If you would like to add some bold and bright colours, you can introduce an accent wall with either a bright and bold paint or wallpaper, or perhaps a specific piece of furniture for example a red or yellow arm chair. When it comes to accessories, less is more in a modern decor so instead use big furniture that are noticeable that will make a statement and complete the overall look.

2. Scandinavian decor

The Scandinavian style and decor has only gained popularity in recent years. The name itself defines what this decor is all about as it infuses tranquility that stem from natural colours and materials. The main base colour is always white, as it displays a clean, simple and peaceful look in combination with natural accessories and subtle but sleek graphic prints that will give you the overall Scandinavian look.

3. Industrial decor

An industrial inspired style is perfect for large spaces and homes that already may have an industrial hint to it. Think of less refined and more rugged and tough looking furniture and accessories, concrete flooring, wooden dining or coffee table, steel pendant lamps suspended from high ceilings. Don’t use paint colours such as black, copper or brown on walls but instead incorporate it as accessories to complement large and rugged furniture when it comes to putting this style together.

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4. Country decor

In a country inspired decor natural and warm colours are the basis for a cosy atmosphere. Use linen, wool, leather and reed to decorate and accessories your space. The base colours for a country inspired style and decor are white, green and soft pastel colours.

5. Classic decor

Do you prefer luxurious and elegant inspired style and decor? Then the classic look is for you. It’s all about combining unique furniture and accessories that creates a strong but calm and warm overall look.
In a classic decor you might see some modern inspired decor also used as they complement each other when combined.

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6. Natural decor

The name says it all when it comes to a natural inspired decor, a natural habitat infused with natural materials and colours. Use white as the base colour along with accessories such as rope, wood, leather and wool along with colours such as green and beige to finish the look. If you enjoy a fresh and wholesome look, then go for a natural decor.

7. Vintage decor

Vintage is usually used to describe authentic or old school items that are from a particular period such as items that stem from the 50s, 60s, 70s and early 80s. Vintage furniture and accessories have visible signs that they have been “used”, like wear and tear, faded colours, rustic items, weathered or chipped paint. These “used” stuff can be refurbished and once added to your decor it will still have a vintage vibe, so think of worn leather, rustic accessories and materials that have a nostalgic feel!

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