Interior Style Inspiration: The Garden

Interior design garden

The garden

After spending months indoors during winter, its time to go outside and enjoy your garden again.
Start off with cleaning your patio and dust off any garden furniture you have and bring them out of storage. Start adding greenery to your garden, so the space suddenly starts to look more fresh and alive. These small changes and clean ups can be placing plant pots on your terrace or corners of your garden, hang flower baskets on your porch or small and collective flower pots around your decking area and revive or prepare new rose beds.

garden inspiration

In addition to this new make over, colour is important in a garden, this adds character, personality and tranquility and at the same time give your garden a sense of space. To your garden furniture, add colourful cushions, candles or lanterns, why not give an old piece of furniture such as a table a lick of paint or spray paint it. For warmth and comfort you can introduce a rug and a cosy throw for your terrace, deck or balcony, this will be as part of your accessories along with your garden furniture.

A terrace or a deck can be seen as an extension of your house, the place to enjoy those long summer evenings in comfort and to entertain. The advantage to having a terrace or a deck in your garden is that you are able to change the decor with the seasons, you can make it warm and very cosy during the winter times and open and airy during the hotter months.

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Lighting is your final accessory to complete an atmospheric environment, there are endless choices when it comes to garden lights. First option are lamps that you cannot see during the day but in the evenings when they are turned on illuminate your trees, shrubs or rose beds, this provides beautiful ambiance and cosiness in the evening. The second option are decorative lamps that can be seen both during the day and night, they all complement your garden’s style and design; decorative and atmospheric lighting such as pendant light to hang on your porch or terrace, wall and floor light at seating areas on your decking complete the overall look of your garden.

Storm lamp

Garden lights always have a purpose whether it is for functional and practical use or for decorative and style use. Ground spotlights are ideal for your garden, you can use them for any purpose; whether to highlight flowers, driveway or path lighting or to highlight specific things in your garden to focus on.
Part of your garden can become a focal point, you can decorate a specific tree or wall. Wall lights in your garden can accentuate an entire area and be a feature point above a seating area or your chosen focal point, with a wall light you can also highlight wall decorations such as hanging flower baskets or wall art that may have.
The latest trend when it comes to garden lights are outdoor floor and table lamps, although these types of lamps are known for indoor use recently they have become a favourite as a garden light.
As the garden is seen as part of your home, why not start using floor or table lamps around your seating area or perhaps in a corner of your garden to add an atmospheric look.

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