Interior Style Inspiration: The Bathroom

bathroom interior design

Do you need some inspiration to help with your bathroom decor? We’re here to help!

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a home, it is one of the mains rooms that is used to start our day and end our day in. Our bathroom is a place of haven for us, we use it to freshen up and to relax, therefore it is essential that it is both functional and comfortable. However, the way we set up our bathroom can differ so you would have to ask yourself if you prefer a bath tub or shower or both, a sink or a bathroom cabinet, toilet or no toilet, these are some of the questions you need to ask yourself if you would like to redecorate your bathroom. Nevertheless, we are here to give you some handy tips that might make your choice easier.

Bathroom interior inspiration


We most definitely need comfort in a bathroom in order to fulfill our daily needs and make full use of its function. Space is important as you need to move freely and openly in a spacious bathroom, imagine the space between your bathtub and sink and ask yourself if you have enough room to maneuver or even share the space with others at the same time.
Another form of comfort is having a bathtub, to create your own spa feeling and to relax provides that additional tranquility you seek at the end of a hard day.
Comfort and functionality is the ideal combination you look for in a bathroom.


A bathroom is the most humid room in your home after it is used. Bathroom condensation can be damaging to some of your fixtures, therefore it is necessary to take caution when choosing the ideal furniture and fixture for your bathroom. If you choose to have a wet room or a bath and shower without a glass screen or shower door, this will cause water sprayers and the humidity to spread out quicker which will not be ideal for your fixtures and the start of rust will appear quicker. However, we advise good ventilation throughout the bathroom to get clear out the condensation and the level of moisture accumulated. Protective shower doors and shower heads will get limescale, there are many descalers and wipes available to reduce and eliminate limescale. Grime and mould could also appear if there isn’t good ventilation, there are sprays and wipes that could also get rid of them.

bathroom decor design

Toilet or no toilet?

Not all bathrooms will have a toilet in it, in some homes there is a bathroom and a cloakroom. Some people consider that a toilet needs its own room and to be separated from a shower and bath, however in some homes this separation is part of the design and architect of a home.
However, if you are choosing to either separate or include a toilet in your bathroom ask yourself if you are comfortable with this, also think about your extraction plan, how would you use the new space in your bathroom.

dark bathroom decor

A shower head

Have you completed the revamp of your bathroom and you have some funds left to spend? Then take a look at maybe changing your shower head. Showers are easy to use, not too time consuming and we receive comfort and relaxation from it, it is our go to place when we are in a hurry or we seek the feeling of a massage from powerful jet of water above our heads. However, different shower heads and sizes can change the overall look of your bathroom but can also improve comfort. With a high pressure shower head you can enjoy a comfortable spread of water and the gentle feeling of a massage, with full control of the water temperature you can create your own spa haven in your own shower.

the shower head

Bathroom furniture

Our daily bathroom activities involve the use of certain objects such as tooth brush, hair, skin and body products and cleaning products, all of these items require a place to store them. A bathroom vanity unit or cabinet stores all of your things in order to keep your bathroom clean and tidy but it is also influences your overall decor. With a storage space that will not only hide your daily use of products but its appearance will complement the rest of your bathroom decor, whether you choose a free standing sink and cabinet unit or a wall mounted vanity unit; the choices are endless. However, keep it minimal and make use of the space in your bathroom to determine which type of bathroom cabinet will suit you best.

wooden bathroom


The bathroom is one of the most used and busy rooms in your home, therefore the right lighting is very important. We often go for the simple recessed spotlights as we don’t pay too much attention when it comes to lighting in a bathroom, however think of the space and your decor to establish lighting that will work with your needs. Statement making wall lamps or pendant lamps that will create a relaxing and atmospheric lighting in your bathroom, include functional lights above your mirror or around it to ensure that you have a practical use out of them such as putting on make up, to achieve a close shave or simply to style your hair. Beautiful bathroom lighting are all available at!

bathroom mirror lighting

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